At-Home Mushroom Growing Made Automatic

6,500+ Pre-orders & counting

Pre-order the terrashroom and be among the first to enjoy the healthiest, lushest mushrooms at home — grown with the press of a button.

At-Home Mushroom Growing That’s Actually Effortless

6,500+ Pre-orders & counting

Imagine: hitting a button, waiting, and harvesting the healthiest, lushest mushrooms you’ve ever seen — all from home.

At-Home Mushroom Growing Made Automatic

6,500+ Pre-orders & counting

Pre-order the terrashroom and be among the first to enjoy the healthiest, lushest mushrooms at home — grown with the press of a button.

Illustration of several light-colored mushrooms with detailed gills, depicted in a naturalistic style.

Introducing the Grow Setup You’ll Want to Show Off

Beautiful & simple

Perfect for beginners & mushroom experts alike, with none of the mess, maintenance, or eyesores of traditional plastic-bin growing.

Endless variety

Designed with state-of-the-art climate controls to make growing healthy mushrooms of any variety as easy as pressing a button.

Guaranteed success

No risk, all reward. Guaranteed successful harvests or your money back.

The First App-Controlled Grow Chamber That Does the Work For You

Smart Temp, Humidity & Air Flow

Intelligent temp sensors, water atomization & circulation system create the perfect climate every time.

Wifi-Enabled & App-Controlled

Adjust the climate or change the lighting directly on your phone from anywhere with the terrashroom app.

Predictive Growth Data

Maximize your mushroom yield with auto-tracked growth data (from current and past grows).

Timelapse Camera & Mood Lighting

Watch the growth unfold – in stunning color – with a built-in timelapse camera & mood lighting.

Detailed illustration of mushrooms growing on a decaying piece of wood.

Pre-Order The Terrashroom | Enjoy Huge Yields Even Sooner

6,500+ Pre-orders

Pre-order now for September shipping!

Your order includes:

1 Terrashroom grow chamber device

1 Mushroom cake in your species of choice

2 Air filters with HEPA contaminant blocking

App access for easy remote-control of your terrashroom



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Money-back grow guarantee

From Biohackers to Holistic Moms: Everyone is Raving About Home-Grown Mushrooms

“It's like I've been let in on a deep secret of the universe that's therapeutic, spiritual, and creative."

-Damon M.

“There's been a big difference I've noticed emotionally… I can't explain it but life has just been a lot nicer lately."

-Christina V.

Enjoy Big, Beautiful Harvests: As Easy As Adding Water


Add water + your mushroom cake

Choose from our ready-to-grow mushroom cakes, or inoculate with your own spores.


Select your species in the app

Simply hit “start” on the pre-programmed grow settings, and your wifi-enabled terrashroom will begin the growing process.


Harvest in as little as 2 weeks

Depending on the species, you can expect 1.5 - 4 pounds of fresh mushrooms each month!

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Illustration of clustered mushrooms growing on a piece of wood.

We Took Home-Growing & Streamlined It In Every Possible Way


The Traditional Way

Constant work balancing temp, moisture & more

Unsightly plastic bins in your space

Musty smells

Dirty substrate

Easy to mess up (+ no grow guarantee)


Potted plant with delicate pink leaves on a stone pedestal against draped white fabric background.

Fill the tank, add your spores & grow

A gorgeous conversation piece

App monitoring + contained climate = no maintenance

Adds ambience to your space

Guaranteed harvests (risk-free investment)

Pre-Order Terrashroom

Automatic growing

Smart climate control = big, healthy harvests every time

Created to last

Uses top-quality components that are easy to replace


Pays for itself after a few yields

Don’t Throw Your Money Away With Cheap Setups That Won’t Produce

You deserve equipment guaranteed to deliver… and deliver & deliver again.

Why spend hours prepping and monitoring a grow setup only to have it break or produce a sparse, sickly harvest due to contamination?

With the terrashroom’s industrial-quality components and grow guarantee, you can relax knowing you’ll always get a huge, healthy return on your investment.

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Auto-Grow Any Variety of Mushroom With the Terrashroom App

Enjoy the incredible benefits – from the adaptogenic to the gourmet – of home-harvesting: no prior knowledge required!

With a wide variety of pre-programmed growing conditions in the app, all kinds of mushrooms will flourish in their ideal, auto-regulated climate.

Make Growing Simple

No More Unsightly Plastic Bin Experiments

Home-growing should be simple & beautiful.

An infographic comparing mushroom grow kits highlighting features such as beginner-friendly and easy app controls.

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