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Terrashroom Pre-order

Terrashroom Pre-order

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The Terrashroom grow kit gives you everything you need to effortlessly start growing most mushroom species in as little as 30 days, guaranteed.Β 

Terrashroom is the easiest way to grow beautiful, delicious organic mushrooms at home.Β 

Our patent-pending technology allows you to have the perfect mushroom growing environment to guarantee successful mushroom harvests.

Control temperature, humidity, air circulation, lighting, & other features through the Terrashroom iOS & Android app. We provide simple, fail-proof grow guides for different mushroom species.


Growing mushrooms at home has never been easier & Terrashroom allows you to grow mushrooms in 4 simple steps:

1) Place an included mushroom grow cake in your Terrashroom.

2) Add water to the Terrashroom.

3) Follow the grow guide and remotely control the grow environment from your smartphone.

4) Start harvesting heaps of mushrooms in as little as 30 days.Β 


Key Features:

πŸ€– Smart temperature & humidity sensors

πŸ“ΈΒ  Mushroom timelapse grow camera

🌈 Beautiful customizable LED mood lighting

πŸ„ Oversized grow chamber environment (updated model is 4x size of pictures)

πŸ“± App-controlled

πŸ”¨ Durable, tempered glass dome

πŸ’§ Ultrasonic water atomizer

✨ Soil-free, mess free

πŸ’¨ Fresh air circulation fans to reduce CO2 buildup

😷 Replaceable mini-HEPA filters to keep contaminants out

πŸŒ™ Night mode

🌱 Attachments to grow microgreens & other edible plants

♻️ Made from recycled materials



You get two options for how you can pre-order your Terrashroom.

Option #1: $49 early-bird deposit

This option lets you save big with exclusive discounts & get tons of extras without paying the full price upfront. The perks of the deposit include:

  • Your $49 deposit gives a $150 discount off your Terrashroom (normal price $499). This means you pay only $349 when we launch (instead of $499 normal price).
  • Cool terrashroom swag :)
  • Priority shipping - reserve your spot sooner & cut the wait time down.Β 
  • "Mushroom Growing 101 Guide" ebook with companion videos designed to help beginner growers through every stage (setup -> inoculation -> harvest).
  • Spore vendor guide to help you find nearly all mushroom spore varieties that you want to grow.
  • Mushroom growing legality guide so you know the do's and don'ts of growing specific mushroom species.
  • Mushroom cooking & recipe guide for easy, delicious, & healthy mushroom-based meals.
  • Exclusive access to the Terrashroom growing online communities.Β 

Option #2: $299 full pre-order deposit

This option gives you all the perks as previously mentioned plus:

  • Get 3 months of grow cakes ($87 value)
  • Shortened waitlist time (skip ahead of those who only place deposits)

The $299 Full Preorder gets you all the same perks and avoids the need for a final payment once we ship

There's nothing more meaningful than connecting with what you put into your body.

Mushrooms have incredible health benefits, but these benefits are lost from mass-farmed growers because of chemical treatments, additives, processing, & preservation.Β Β 

Terrashroom was intelligently designed & engineered to be reusable, eco-friendly, and minimize the massive packaging waste & C02 emissions from traditional mushroom farming operations.Β 

Questions? Concerns?

Check out our FAQ page (bottom of our homepage).

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