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A smarter way to grow mushrooms at home

An intelligent mushroom grow chamber to help you harvest mushrooms in as little as 30 days with zero experience.  



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Product Features

Check out what makes Terrashroom the most magical way to grow mushrooms

3 reasons why you’ll love your terrashroom


Endless grow varieties 

Grow most of your favorite mushroom species right at home. 


Big, bountiful yields

Harvest large flushes of delicious mushrooms every month.


Harvest & eat

Enjoy the taste & health benefits of farm to table in seconds.

3 reasons why you’ll love your terrashroom

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Why grow your own mushrooms?

Why grow you're own mushrooms?

Always fresh & organic

Grow mushrooms that are free from pesticides & toxic chemicals.

Made for beginners

As simple as using a microwave, controlled from your smartphone.

Mess-free design

No mixing or handling messy substrates required.

Guaranteed grows

Guaranteed successful harvests or your money back.

Speedy harvest time

Accelerate your harvests & start picking fresh mushrooms in just a few weeks.

Simple & fast setup

Turn on, add water, & start growing mushrooms. We make it effortless.

Grow mushrooms in 4 easy steps


Select mushrooms to grow from our ready-to-grow mushroom cakes, or inoculate with your own spores.


Add water into the terrashroom no-spill water tank.


Set grow settings for the mushroom species you want to grow in our iOS/Android smartphone app.


Harvest delicious, beautiful mushrooms in just a few weeks.

Packed with smart growing technology

Intelligently designed & engineered to make mushroom growing effortless

Packed with smart growing technology

Intelligently designed & engineered to make mushroom growing effortless

Thoughtfully designed & engineered

Thoughtfully designed & engineered

Monitor from anywhere

The terrashroom app displays all previous & current grow data to help you maximize yields from your harvests.

See historical data on your grow environment, estimated time until harvest, digital how-to grow guides, and robust datasheets on medical +scientific research on the benefits of the mushrooms you're growing.

Remote environment controls

Make adjustments in real time to your grow environment even while away from home.

Terrashroom connects to your home wifi so you can remotely make changes to all grow settings like temperature, light, humidity, air circulation, etc.

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Watch them grow

Watch real time images of your grow chamber or download a timelapse video of your mushrooms coming to life with an embedded timelapse grow camera.

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