April 2024 Customer Update

April 2024 Customer Update


Hope you’re spending some time with your family to celebrate Mother’s Day & able to enjoy the weekend with them. 

We’re excited to share some terrashroom company updates and upcoming events that are happening on our end. 

Speaking of Mother’s Day, did you know that in the old-growth forests, there are Mother Trees in which vast interconnecting nodes of a mycorrhizal network of fungal mycelium lie in the soil that can transfer nutrients and information to younger trees? The mycorrhizal network is ubiquitous in the forest, connecting all plants to each other & creating a symbiotic union between fungi and plant roots.

These networks play a critical role in supporting their ecosystems, similar to how mothers support and sustain their families. Show some love to your mom & tell her that she reminds you of the nurturing and life-sustaining role of mycorrhizal fungi :)

Alright, back to business - let’s dive in.

Pallets of the ✨crystal clear✨ polycarbonate domes ready to be shipped out

Shipping updates

We are on track with our shipping schedule! Our small batch shipments for May are progressing smoothly, and we are gearing up for mass production in June. We appreciate your patience and excitement as we prepare and fulfill these orders, and are excited to release content of the first terrashroom customers using their long-awaited unit. 


Boxed up & ready to goooooo 😤😤😤

Behind the scenes - engineering meeting before Shanghai

The devil is in the details

Our team has been spending countless hours laser-focused on ensuring every aspect of these terrashrooms are meeting our standards before we ship. It’s been an exhaustive list of details across packaging, firmware, software/app, & even spending time with border customs. 

An example of this is passing the International Safe Transit Association tests - basically ensuring that the terrashroom product boxes can be brutally abused by the shipping companies & freight process yet still be perfectly intact & without defects once they're in your home. 

We’ve also spent a considerable amount of time enhancing the terrashroom app's user experience & user interface. Basically, just making sure it’s super pretty & user-friendly, even for those who know nothing about technology or mushroom growing. Another area we’ve been spending a considerable amount of time on is the timelapse camera, so that way, the image quality of the timelapses are A+. 

That being said, just know that we’re spending our time focused on these details so you can have the best possible mushroom-growing experience. 

Website Overhaul

Lastly, we are in the final stages of a major website overhaul and anticipate going live by the end of this month. It’s going to be a much-needed glow-up to our digital presence & help us attract more people to the terrashroom community. We can’t wait for you to see it!

Terrashroom late-night office views

Fundraising update

Thanks to your support, our Wefunder investment campaign has successfully closed. We are incredibly grateful for everyone who joined us on this journey & has helped support our vision.

If you’re in this group, stay tuned for an investor update on Wefunder, where we'll detail our progress and plans for fund allocation.

Q&A Webinar Session

Mark your calendars! We are hosting a live Q&A webinar on Tuesday, May 21st, at 2 PM CT. It's a fantastic opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, and learn more about Terrashroom's future.

Kolton & Jared will be heading out to Shanghai the following day, so this will likely be the last Q&A session we will do for a considerable amount of time. 


Getting cinematic

We've historically been quite weak on the content & visuals so we decided to invest in a cinematic-grade camera to bring you high-quality visuals of the product & what we’re up to. Ultimately, we want to make content that resonates with our customers & audience so we would LOVE to hear what kind of pictures and videos you would like to see - let us know your ideas!

Summer Interns start tomorrow

A warm welcome to Isobel & Juliana, our summer interns! Isobel will be helping us to engage more with our community and enhance our social media presence. Please let us/her know what kind of content you’d like to see her produce in the coming weeks!

Juliana has been an absolute rockstar & has been helping us part-time over the past 6 months, but she will be joining us full-time this summer. With her background in mechatronic engineering, she has helped with everything from product quality assurance, the user manual, and endless testing & app features. 

Thank you for being a part of our community. Your support fuels our passion and dedication to delivering the best possible experience with Terrashroom.

Warm regards,

Jared Steele  

Founder & CEO, Terrashroom


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