Trustpilot reviews of dozens of customers sharing concerns that Shrooly is a scam & to be careful

Shrooly Scam? Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get a refund

Rolling reviews of Shrooly claiming it's a scam
If you’ve heard about terrashroom, you’ve probably heard about a competitor product, Shrooly. 
After they recently announced that shipping will not start until next summer, it is clear that they are having some very real product + internal issues. 
Shrooly is not shy to share that they are refusing to process refunds for customers (people who had given them money nearly 1.5 years ago. This is causing many to panic & wonder if it's a house of cards that is crumbling down. 
The price of their product isn't cheap for (for an electric humidity box lol) so if you haven't gotten your money back, we want to help you get back your hard earned $.
We are breaking down the exact steps on how you can get your money back.
1. Fill out this short form on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website. 
By filling this out, your claim will be taken 10x more seriously when you contact both your bank/credit card & Shrooly when requesting a refund. 
2. Contact shrooly requesting a refund
For the sake of having a clear paper trail for your credit card merchant - formally request a refund from shrooly via email.
Seeing that they are not responding to refund requests in emails, you can also  leverage some visibility by reaching out publicly via comments, reviews, etc.
From what we've heard, this is the primary method to get their attention. 
3. Follow the steps below for the step-by-step process of getting a refund through your credit card (or other payment provider). 
Alright, so here's how to go about getting a refund for your shrooly. 
  1. Gather Necessary Information:

    • Have your order number, purchase date, and credit card details ready & include those in the email.
    • Be prepared to explain why you’re requesting a refund (non-delivery on timeline in this case).

  2. Contact your Credit Card Merchant & Request a Refund:

    • Clearly state that you want a refund due to non-delivery.
    • Ask to process the refund promptly.

  3. Merchant’s Response:

    • will either:
      • Agree to the refund request and initiate the process.
      • Deny the refund (unlikely, but it can happen).
    • If they agree, they’ll refund the amount directly to your credit card.

  4. Monitor Your Account:

    • Keep an eye on your credit card account.
    • The refund should appear as a negative credit on your account balance.
    • If you used rewards points for the purchase, they’ll be deducted from your rewards balance.

  5. Be Patient:

    • Refunds can take time. Depending on’s policies and your return method (in-person or shipped), it could take anywhere from a few business days to up to six weeks.
    • If you don’t see the refund within a reasonable time, follow up with

Contact Information for Credit Card Customers:

  • If refuses or fails to process the refund, you can contact your credit card issuer.
  • Call the customer service number on the back of your credit card.
  • Explain the situation and ask for a chargeback. This is a reversal of the transaction that goes to the merchant’s bank.
  • You may need to provide evidence of your claim.

Remember to stay patient and persistent during the process. If you encounter any issues, your credit card issuer can guide you further. 🌟

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