Terrashroom Customer Update | May 2023

Happy Memorial Day weekend! 🍄

We're sending over this email to show you what team terrashroom has been up to this month.

(& to remind some that we’re a real startup & not a scam 🙄)

Sneaky peeky 📦📦📦

We get it, many of you are dying to see some new visuals so wanted to show you what’s about to get released.

Some new packaging designs coming in hot & we’re freakishly excited about how cool they’re coming out 🍄

Last chance to pre-investment before we go live 🚀

Over the past few months Terrashroom has been popping off.

  • 20K+ people joined our launch waitlist
  • 5,500+ paying customers
  • $2M+ in forecasted revenue
  • A+ team (billions in revenue generated + multiple IPOs + acquisitions exits)

In the world of startups, when you capture lightning & have strong product-market fit, you need to double down on growth.

Although we have plenty of cash in the bank, we’re looking to raise money to quickly grow the team, move into a real office (no more spare bedroom/living room workspace lol), and purchase plenty of inventory to capitalize on the upcoming rush of the holiday shopping season.

So if you’re interested in co-owning terrashroom & being part of our success, click on the link below to learn more about our team, what we’re building & our vision.

(we are still private - public launch will be next week)

Terrashroom Investment Page

Q&A webinar tomorrow

Have nothing to do on your Friday afternoon before your Memorial Day weekend?

No? Great, then come join us for our monthly founder Q&A webinar tomorrow (Friday) at 3pm EST.

During this call we can chat about anything: product, fundraising, the status of your order, why moon landing could be fake, etc.

Regardless, swing by & say what’s up if you have some time to kill. We love chatting with y’all & hearing how we can make the business + product better.

New support help

Amber is taking over customer communications & working extra hard to make sure that your emails, texts, DMs, comments, etc. are heard.

If you’ve had a prior convo with us in the past that was… unremarkable, just know you’re in good hands going forward. F

eel free to respond to this email & tell her your awesome Memorial Day weekend ~trip~ plans 🙂😏


Startups are hard (especially around hardware) & we apologize for delays & frustrations.

We’re working crazy hours to get product out.

After going through a lot of customer communications, it’s clear that many just want a simple timeline that can be realistically adhered to.

That being said, we made a little infographic to post on our socials & wanted to share with you here.

Hope you have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend - please reach out if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions.

We love everyone who has followed & supported us along the way. Y'all rock 🥹

Stay mushy 🍄
Jared Steele, Terrashroom Founder/CEO

Click here to invest in Terrashroom

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