Terrashroom July Customer Update 🍄

Terrashroom July Customer Update 🍄

Terrashroom July Customer Update

Hey there 👋

Wanted to send over a quick email to share what we’ve been up to over here at terrashroom. 

This past month we’ve been pretty quiet as we’ve been focused on working to get product out to y’all. Days have been spent doing a lot of product testing, debugging, & working our tails off trying to speed up the timeline to get product into your hands. 

So this update will be short & sweet, but we wanted to share to let you know that we’re still breathing (& not a scam), and what we’ve been up to in July 🙂


We’re hiring 💼

While we are continuing to build & grow the company, it’s clear that we need someone full-time to help with customer questions, and engage with our community on social media… basically wear the hat of a community operations manager. 

They would help write customer communications (emails like these), answer customers questions, and help manage our social accounts (+ wear many other hats).

Ideally you are based out of Austin, TX & willing to be in the warehouse/office multiple days per week.

Perfect candidate is mushroom-friendly, hyper-organized, and gains a deep sense of fulfillment making others (customers & followers) happy. 

We’ll be offering a competitive salary + generous stock options for the right candidate. The ideal candidate will be able to grow with the company into senior positions. 

Here’s the job post

Patience, please 🙂🙏

As mentioned in the segment above, PLEASE pardon our delayed email/comment response times. We are wearing multiple hats as a small team so please understand that while we love all the support & encouragement from y’all, we are moving to a slightly improved self-service model for the time being until we fill the community manager role. 

For your questions, please refer to the FAQ page here

Questions about shipment times & batches can be found there. Until then, please continue to stay patient & understand that we are absolutely trying our best. (side note - the less we have to work on admin emails & support, the more we can focus & expedite ship timelines). 

Terrashroom RGB LED light - July Customer Update

Product testing 🍄🔮

We understand many of you are impatient & wanting your terrashroom sooner. With any IoT/hardware product, extensive testing is part of the process & usually contributes to any delays caused. 

We’ve made some tweaks that will do the following

-decrease chance of component wear/burnout (your terrashroom lasts longer)

-increase image quality of our timelapse camera (especially in low light settings)

-minimize product liability risks (water leakage or short-circuits so no chance of fires)

-increase ease of the user within the iOS & Android mobile app (app UX changes + bug fixes)

  • A thousand other small reasons.

We share this because we want to be totally transparent about what’s going on & keep you in the loop. 


Increasing Prices 📈

If you’ve been thinking about placing a deposit or a full pre-order, we recommend doing it soon. 

We’ve increased our early bird pre-order price from $199 to $299 recently. 

On August 31st, we will be increasing our prices:

-deposit price increases to $99

-full pre-order price to $349 (& will increase to $399 in Sept/Oct)

So if you haven’t placed a pre-order or a deposit, we recommend doing it soon! 

If you placed a $49 pre-order deposit, you’re good & don’t need to worry. We will notify you about paying the remaining balance once we have the product video live. 🙂


Terrashroom product testing - July Customer Update


When the hell are we shipping? 😤😤😤

We are working our tails off to get product out by late summer as we initially stated. Trust us, you will know once we are shipping. 


Closing notes

Thanks for reading this far & hope everyone has had a wonderful summer thus far. Please follow our socials for more regular updates + info. 


Stay mushy 🍄

Jared | founder/ceo

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