Terrashroom Pre-Order Deposit Conversion Instructions 🚨

Terrashroom Pre-Order Deposit Conversion Instructions 🚨

We are thrilled to see so many deposits start to convert but unfortunately, we will be closing off this window soon! So please read the following information carefully to secure an incredible discount & save your place in line!

If you pre-paid a deposit (AKA a $50 down payment) and you still need to convert it, please see below on how to do that. The last day to do so is until 11:59PM PST April 11th, 2024. 

  1. How do I know which link to use?

    • If your order was placed on or before 7/15/23, use this link.

    • If your order was placed after 7/15/23, use the $250 link.

    • If you use the wrong link, your order will be voided, and you will lose your place in line, as well as pay the payment processing fees that are incurred.

  2. What if I already paid for the Terrashroom in full?

    • There is no reason for you to do any sort of conversion - you've already paid for it.

  3. Do the cakes come with it?

    • If you placed a deposit during the promotional period, you will be contacted when your device is close to being shipped to receive a coupon code to order and receive these additional items.

  4. Why can't I select any cakes or additional filters?

    • As mentioned in point 3, this will be sent in the form of a coupon code to redeem on our website, which will line up with the timeline of you receiving your Terrashroom unit.

    • Any further questions about cakes/filters have been answered throughout the subreddit, but to reiterate: we will have all types of cakes, you can use your own, ours, North Spore's (who we have a partnership with), etc. The first set of filters come with your device, and will last about 2 months of consistent grows.

  5. When will they ship?

    • The first batch will be sent out mid-May, with weekly subsequent batches going forward into the foreseeable future. We are currently building out an interactive system to estimate your shipment date, but please note that we do not have exact estimates for every single order. You will be notified well ahead of time once your Terrashroom is nearing ready to ship.

    • Shipping batches will be determined based on the chronological sequence of when the order was placed. We promise you, that as soon as your unit is nearing due to ship, we will be in contact! As much as we love hearing from you, daily emails and comments unfortunately won't speed it up :)

WARNING: If you try to pay a deposit conversion and pass it off as a real order without having paid a deposit prior, it will be automatically refunded and voided, minus payment processing fees (that you will be responsible for paying). Don't want to lose $5? Don't try it!

Note: Failure to convert your deposit by April 11th will cause you to lose your spot in line, as well as lose the opportunity to have a discounted Terrashroom unit (i.e. you will now be responsible for paying full retail MSRP pricing at the time of your order).

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