March 2024 Customer Update

March 2024 Customer Update

Hey there - 

It’s that time of the month again when we share what’s going on in the world of terrashroom. This update is a little short, as most of our time is spent doing pretty mundane back-office & quality assurance work. 

That being said, we still think it’s important to share what’s going on so let’s dive in. 

  1. Last Chance: Convert your pre-order deposit. 

This is your final reminder that we will be closing off the pre-order deposits this Thursday at 11:59PM PST on April 11th, 2024. This will be the last window to convert your deposit into the full pre-order. By converting your deposit, you’ll be able to get your terrashroom at a super-steep discount (25%–50% off MSRP). For instructions and questions on how to do this, you can read more on our blog post (make sure to read the Q&A inside of that link). NOTE: This is only for customers who have already placed a deposit, and have not paid in full.

  1. Update on Shipping Schedule

Transparency is key, and we just got back news this morning that there were minor delays that are setting us back roughly a week due to the dome molding. Below are screenshots from our recent communications with our suppliers, providing clarity on the situation. We're working diligently to minimize these delays and deliver your terrashroom as quickly as possible.

The terrashroom team will be flying back out to China in late April & early May. While we’re out there, we will be able to give real-time updates on anything related to manufacturing & timelines. We are still looking to get the first product batch out in May with weekly shipments until mass production one in June, but will be pulling a lot of all-nighters to achieve that.

  1. First Look: TS-01 User Manual

We are excited to unveil the first look at the TS-01 user manual. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this preliminary look at what we’re putting together. For those wondering, these physical manuals will be included with your TS-01 mushroom grow computer, and we'll also be providing a digital copy that is available in the app, as well as companion videos to help visually aid the majority of the questions you may have.

  1. Q&A Webinars -> Ask Me Anything

Last Wednesday, we hosted another Q&A session. Was great to answer so many (146 questions/comments!) on everything from what the future of terrashroom looks like, patents, partnerships, etc. If you couldn't join our recent customer webinar, we’ve got you covered. Follow this link to catch up at your convenience.

Speaking of webinars, if you want to RSVP for our next one, it will be on April 24th at 2:00 p.m. CST. Here’s the link!


Also, we will be giving out a terrashroom t-shirt to one of the viewers so more details will be shared then. 


  1. North Spore x Terrashroom

If you’ve spent any time in the mushroom world, you’ve likely come across the largest consumer mycology brand in the USA (or maybe even the world?), North Spore. These guys are awesome - they are huge, know a LOT about mushrooms, and have an incredible operation.

That being said, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that we will be partnering with them to supply amazing mushroom grow cakes to our terrashroom customers.

  1. FCC Testing Report Card 

FCC stands for Federal Communications Commission. Basically, this is a big government agency in the USA to make sure that products that utilize Bluetooth or WiFi won't microwave your home.

We discussed the pre-test in a previous customer update but we are excited to announce that we’ve passed the FCC testing with flying colors, so our product is certified to be safe & 100% compliant!

Lastly, let us know what further information you’d like to see from our end in future updates - we want to make sure these are fun, informative, but also enjoyable to read. 

Talk soon, 

Jared Steele

Founder / CEO

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